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We’re an ambitious team, focused on growing pioneering businesses.

How we started


Companies use Social Chaps to scale their sales function.


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Who are we?

  • Social Chaps was born out of the frustration of trying to find good marketing agencies in the B2B space. Both co-founders, also brothers, have been running their own B2B businesses for the last 5 years from startups, to management consultancies.
  • Their issue, was finding a partner who understood the B2B space and understood what it meant to market their products and services. They decided to roll their sleeves up and take matters into their own hands. After 3 successful years of extensive growth, they decided that the systems & processes they put into place are replicable across all types of B2B businesses. This is where Social Chaps was born.
“For us, it’s not about one specific type of marketing. It’s about understanding your business goals, and working towards those goals. If you need to bring in 8 new clients within 1 month, is working with a social media agency going to help that? Or are you better of doing extensive growth hacking to get those meetings in the diary.

This is where we come in”
Elliot Chapman