The process

Take a look at how our lead generation is successful every single time. Cutting through the noise of the digital landscape.

1. Kick off

- We build out your target audience.
- We build the copy and wording that will be in your campaigns.
- Prep the Social Chaps team for your kick off.

2. Configuration

- We build out your prospect list across various internal platforms.
- Build out all the necessary integrations. with CRMs, calendar access & agree a way of working.

3. Outreach

- Utilise all digital platforms to outreach to your prospects.
- Using unique and personable methods to grab the attention of your prospects.

4. Nurturing & CRM Management

- We touch base with your prospects at various touch points through different social platforms to stay relevant.
- We manage the CRM with a clear workflow and task setting system that is easy to pick up for you and your team.

5. Book meetings

-We book the meetings on your behalf, whether you wish to have them in person or over the phone.
- Once booked, you will clearly see all previous communication with the prospect.

6. New Customer!

- We've given you all the tools you need to close your new customers, creating real rapport on your behalf.

Moneyback Guarantee


Pricing that works for all sized businesses. More affordable than an inside sales rep, more effective than a marketing team.

Outbound delivery

The ideal plan for giving Social Chaps a try and boosting your monthly meetings.

  • £1000 per user per month
  • Includes multi-funnel Linkedin & Email Campaign
  • Monthly campaign
  • 40% Response rate
  • Reach out to 1000+ prospects
  • Integrations
  • Dedicated account manager
  • CRM Management
  • Agreed check in times with future prospects
  • Respond to messages
  • Booking meetings on your behalf
Best value

Fully Managed Service

Expect a busy calendar with this professional plan.

  • £1500 per user per month
  • Includes multi-funnel Linkedin & Email Campaign, ongoing check-ins and diary invites
  • Monthly Campaign
  • 40% Response rate
  • Reach out to 1000+ prospects
  • Integrations
  • Dedicated account manager
  • CRM Management
  • Agreed check in times with future prospects
  • Respond to all messages
  • Booking meetings with prospects
Be ready to be busy.

Learn why our customers love using our service.

Meet our customers
“I've had a significant increase in the number of Linkedin leads, they seem to be really capable of cutting through the noise and getting in touch with my prospects.”
Paddy Thompson
Azimuth Training
“Since using Social Chaps, our sales pipeline has grown significantly and more importantly, we're having meetings at the right level to win new business”
Scott Chapman

Included with every plan.

Account Manager
When you join Social Chaps, you will be assigned an account manager who is an expert in the B2B space.
Moneyback Guarantee
We are confident in what we do. That's why we offer a money back guarantee on a results driven basis.
Eye-catching messaging
Each message we send is personally crafted with the intention of grabbing the attention and building that relationship.
We integrate with all major CRMs & Email providers, allowing you to see your results instantly.
Campaign Management
Our team will keep a close eye on your campaign, making sure it's on track to hit your targets.
Best in class
Weekly check ins and a personalised service, make us different from the rest. We are here for you 24/7.
We focus on groups of people and take an extremely targeted approach, instead of taking a scattergun approach.
GDPR Compliant
A bulletproof GDPR compliant lead generation service. We focus on business data and outcomes.
The human touch
We use a blended approach of data and people. Each response is read and personally responded too on your behalf.
Outline graphic depicting hand nurturing a heart

Common Questions

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