Growth Strategist / Creative Lead

UK Based (European Timezone)
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Social Chaps are a no-nonsense, global sales and marketing agency working in over 10 countries, helping companies scale their operations through unique and effective digital marketing & sales.

As creative lead, you will be responsible for all copywriting, strategy and campaign styles for our clients.

We’re a fast-moving team and you’ll be working in a fast-paced, demanding environment.



Growth Strategist / Creative Lead


Permanent - 5 days a week


UK Base (Remote)


Responsible for all copy strategy and creation across client accounts.

Developing new styles of campaigns on internal systems in response to individual campaign performance data.

Building and providing proven templates - Proven templates would be tried and tested internally prior to client roll out.

Working with account managers to onboard, plan and execute campaigns on behalf of clients.

Analysing client campaigns and optimising for each individual client (maybe revenue growth, meeting conversion, overall campaign results) and help shape future strategies and copy.

Propose new initiatives to clients and account managers which will provide more value to end clients.

Helping to create and drive internal marketing activities.

Have a good understanding of B2B lead generation and overall marketing, including a deep understanding of how multiple industries work. Key markets including Consultancy, Saas & Startups & Agencies and how these types of clients market & sell to their customers.

Overall understanding of how integrated marketing works and each individual component ties together, from PR, Social Media, Paid Media, SEO, Outbound & Inbound Maintain best practice across the organisation for all tone of voice, copy and content aligned with our brand guidelines.

Understanding of how systems pull together in B2B for lead generation to work to its full effect: Phantombuster, Zapier, Linkedin Sales Nav, Advertising, Automation, Data.

An understanding of how we can utilise the data we have to make campaigns more personal and inviting striving to make each campaign personalised and elevating Social Chaps as the go-to B2B lead generation brand in UK, Europe & US.

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