May 13, 2020

Introducing Social Chaps Ads

Hi, I’m John, Director of Social Chaps Ads, just thought I’d jump on here since I’m new to the Social Chaps team, tell you a bit about myself and a bit about why we’ve decided to create Social Chaps Ads. 

Since graduating in Business and Communications from Chester University back in 2009 .. Yes, that long ago… I suppose I’ve always been involved in marketing in some respect (even when I decided to get away from the UK and teach English in Spain and Hong Kong for a few years) 

I’ve worked for and with some of the world’s biggest companies such as Coca Cola, NBC Universal, Nike, adidas and Arcadia. 

I’ve built experiential student marketing campaigns, sold digital media space, planned Coca Cola’s activation for the London Olympic Games, but one thing that has given me the fuel to build my own company is social media, and more specifically social media advertising. 

I really believe that it’s never been easier to reach new audiences and grow your business. Yes, the social media space is competitive, but when done well, it’s actually a really cheap way to reach the attention of thousands of people that wouldn’t otherwise know about your company. 

Out of Home adverts, Radio, TV, Newspapers… social media outperforms every one. Sure a lot of people might see your ad, but only a small percentage of those are potential customers, and you’ve no way to capture those leads unless you reach out directly. 

Whereas on Facebook you pay for ONLY the people you want to show your ads to and you ONLY pay once that person has seen your ad! That’s insane in comparison to other forms of advertising! I still believe we’re yet to uncover the true potential of social media advertising, paid advertising is still in its infancy, the landscape is always changing and the future is so exciting. 

We’ve created Social Chaps Ads to be at the forefront of that evolution and support businesses to understand social media that little bit more. We look forward to working with you and providing your business the platform it deserves. 



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